Golf Tuition

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Game Improvement Golf Lessons

Dedicated to delivering the most effective game improvement lessons the Mike Yorke Golf Academy is the leading coaching centre in the South East of England. Whether you are new to golf or an advanced player we can build a programme of coaching to suit your game; this can be geared towards lowering an existing handicap, curing a long term problem such as slicing the ball or simply becoming a more consistent golfer.

Game improvement lessons are delivered on an individual basis or can be shared with a friend.  With a thorough assessment of your game, coupled with the use of the latest video technology, we will tackle the aspects of your game that will have the biggest impact on your future performances guaranteeing you the very best golf lessons in Surrey and Sussex.

Video coaching is available at all MYGA centres and is a key tool in building a repeatable and efficient swing.  Another major benefit of video is that it allows players to see their swing and therefore separate FEEL from REAL. This simplifies the learning experience and accelerates progress; for many pupils it provides a breakthrough moment in their games.

Price: from £22 for 30 minutes with bespoke packages available


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