Did you see our great putter offer?

An exclusive offer for MYGA pupils!

Horne Park puttersDid you know that if your putter is not correctly fitted for length, lie, loft and grip size then you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage before you even get started! An incorrect grip size can cause you to hold the putter too tight which can result in a loss of sensation through the fingertips and ultimately a lack of touch. If your lie angle is even one degree out, it can cause your ball to leave the face right or left of where you intended and if you have the wrong style of putter matched to your individual technique, you will really have a tough job to perform to your true potential.

From now until September 30th we are offering MYGA pupils an exclusive offer aimed at wiping out 3 putts from your game.

Horne Park Putting Studio

Horne Park Putting Studio

  1. 10% off any putter at any MYGA centre
  2. 10% off any putter PLUS 10% off a professional fit in our Putting Studio at Horne Park (duration 45 minutes / reduced down to £38)
  3. 20% off any putter PLUS 20% off a coaching and professional fitting session in our Putting Studio at Horne Park (duration 90 minutes / reduced down to £60)
Your next step
To purchase a putter at 10% off, simply print out this offer at the point of purchase between now and September 30th.  To book either option 2 or 3, please call Horne Park on 01342 844443 or email info@mikeyorkegolfacademy.co.uk

MYGA logoYou can find MYGA centres at the following clubs:

Horne Park – 01342 844443
Horsham Golf & Fitness – 01403 271525
Foxbridge – 01403 753303

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