Free Swing Checks at Horne Park-12th April

StuartWith less than 2 weeks before the start of this year’s Masters from Augusta, I am delighted to give you the chance to meet and work with our very own ‘master’ here at the Mike Yorke Golf Academy.  On Saturday 12th April, Stuart Cartwright, is offering free swing checks at Horne Park to any golfer who is committed to improving their game.

Stuart Cartwright who joined the MYGA team at Horne Park earlier this year, is regarded as one of Europe’s best young coaches working with club golfers and European Tour winners alike.  Stuart’s holistic approach to golf improvement is a skill rarely seen in golf instruction. A qualified strength and conditioning coach under the renowned Paul Chek Institute, Stuart will not only quantify the strengths and weaknesses of your all round golf game, but also give you the skills to improve your physical fitness to deliver the necessary changes in your golf swing.  With a holistic approach encompassing every aspect that impacts a golfers performance, Stuart will also be able to advise you on the best way to maximize your nutritional needs to improve your golf and healthy living.  Just take a look at what students have been saying….

“Certainly seeing a marked improvement all round since we started. Apart from the set up etc, I also followed your advice re hydration and food and can’t believe how strongly I am now finishing over the last 6 holes. Normally by then I would be flagging, but instead now I pick up quite a few shots. Hence I actually won at Goodwood – dizzy heights for me” Gary Jones
“Just wanted to say today I had my best round at Reigate Hill so far – 39 points! I Thank you!” Virginia Zlabiene
“The series of lessons have been great, I’ve really enjoyed them and feel like we’ve come a long way. I certainly feel it’s totally transformed every aspect of my swing but in a very natural way, what I particularly like is that at each stage we have built stable platform, so it has never really felt we were changing too many things at once. But when you look at the overall transformation its staggering. Very excited about continuing through the summer and getting out onto the course with you.” Richard Griffin

Stuart himself adds, “Whether a part time recreational golfer, to the elite of the European Tour, I can offer a way of you maximising your time and efforts to improve your swing and lower those scores!  My FREE fifteen minute swing check during Masters week, 12th April, will give you a taster of what I can offer your golf game.”

Your Booking Hotline For Stuart: 01342 844443

Enjoy the Masters,
Mike Yorke
Director, Mike Yorke Golf Academy
You can find MYGA centres at the following clubs:
Horne Park – 01342 844443
Horsham Golf & Fitness – 01403 271525
Foxbridge – 01403 753303


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