Karl Morris, Europe’s leading Mind Factor Coach at Horne Park-25th March

Control Your Golf!

With a return to good weather, it’s great to feel that the golf season has finally arrived! In just a few short weeks time we can look forward to watching the Masters live from the beautiful setting of Augusta Golf Club.

As with all golfers, I’m sure that you are hoping for a great season with perhaps your handicap being cut, a victory in your golf society or even setting a new personal best score.

So my first question is….how much of golf is ‘mental’?? After all, it’s a game where 85% of our time on the course is spent NOT playing golf!!
Often when we ask golfers this question, I get answers ranging from 25% right through to 100%.

My next question then is….what are you working on in your swing right now? Is it more turn? A grip change? The chances are there will be several things you can list in answer to this question!

Finally, what are working on with regard your ‘mental game’? This is often where the pen stops writing…..

Have you seen ‘the light’ already? With the importance you have just given to the ‘mental’ side of golf, the chances are that you are not working on this element of the game at all!!

When I consider the game as whole. there are really only 2 elements that you need to control in order to achieve success…
1.  The golf ball
2.  Yourself

Almost every golfer I meet puts all their eggs in one basket and focuses on controlling the ball (by working on their swing) while overlooking ‘themselves’ (the mental side of golf). Yet, which of these should you be able to CONTROL?? It is of course YOURSELF!

Let me ask you, would you like more confidence? More consistency? The ability to cut out silly mistakes? Or even the ability to overcome a bad hole and recover?

The chances are almost all of you….!

I want to give you a great opportunity to work on ‘yourself’ and the ‘mental’ side of the game by inviting you to join me on March 25th at Horne Park Golf Centre, where we will be welcoming back Karl Morris, Europe’s leading Mind Factor Coach. Karl has enjoyed huge success with Major champions, including Graeme McDowell, Darren Clarke and Louis Oosthuizen and this is your chance to attend his NEWinteractive workshop….‘The Scoring Zone’

Event details: Tuesday 25th March @ 7.30pm
Ticket Price: £28.00

In this fun, easy learning seminar you will discover some of the secret tools used by great players that allow you to get the BEST out of your game and discover what you are TRULY CAPABLE of! Just imagine if you discovered how to THINK and PLAY in a way that allowed you to reach your POTENTIAL this year.

If you want to ENJOY long term success in your golf then this event is a ‘MUST ATTEND’.

Specifically structured to give you the tools and techniques you can use INSTANTLYon the course, these strategies you will learn are proven to work at ALL LEVELS of the game! This is your opportunity to take your personal game to a NEW LEVEL; you have absolutely nothing to lose but the frustration of bad golf!

To book YOUR place, simply contact the Mike Yorke Academy at Horne Park.

MYGA logoYou can find MYGA centres at the following clubs:

Horne Park – 01342 844443
Horsham Golf & Fitness – 01403 271525
Foxbridge – 01403 753303

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